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Explainer: Report on Union Members

Why we're in a surge of organizing.

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The Tarrant County CLC, AFL-CIO HQ is restricting guests to appointments only.

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We are teachers, firefighters, and farm workers, actors and engineers, pilots and public employees, painters and plumbers, steelworkers and screenwriters, doctors and nurses, stagehands, electricians, and more. We believe that people who work make Texas work and that together, we are better.





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Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect, 2021

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Protect Texas Workers - Stop HB 2127

HB 2127 will be debated in the House on TUESDAY. This bill is an attack on the workers of Texas, and an erosion of our fundamental rights.

This bill would not just take away our ability to determine how the places we live and work are governed, it would end life saving rest breaks for construction workers, among many other essential worker protections. This is not just an attack on workers, it's an attack on ALL Texans, and we can not let it get any further.

We need your help. Call your State Representative and tell them to oppose HB 2127!

Here is a script you can use when making your call:

"HB 2127 is an attack on the workers of Texas, and an unacceptable infringement on our right to have a say in how the places we live and work are governed. We know what our communities need. I urge you to vote NO HB 2127."

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