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How To Affiliate

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TCCLC holds monthly meetings for Executive Board & Delegates on the third Tuesday of each month. Details can be found on the calendar.

Below is the structure of affiliation per our Bylaws.

Section 4. This Central Body shall be composed, exclusively, of the following such organizations within the geographical limits covered by the Central Body’s charter and shall conform to this Constitution and the rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto:
(a) Local unions of national and international unions and organizing committees affiliated with the AFL-CIO, local unions chartered directly by the AFL-CIO, and local unions affiliated with Change to Win with Solidarity Charters.
(b) Local councils chartered by the Trade and Industrial Department of the AFL-CIO.
(c) Joint boards, district councils, and similar subordinate organizations that are duly chartered by an affiliate of the AFL-CIO.

Section 5. Auxiliaries, union retiree groups, and associate member
organizations shall be admitted as affiliates, with not more than one
(1) delegate and one (1) vote. Such organizations shall be charged
an annual fee of $25.00
(a) If any auxiliary/organization has a member on the Executive Board, that person will be recognized as the official member of the auxiliary/organization.

Section 6. The number of delegates allowed each affiliated local union shall be in the following ratio to the number upon which they pay dues:

50 or less = 2 delegates
51 – 100 = 3 delegates
101– 250 = 4 delegates
251– 500 = 5 delegates
501– 1000= 6 delegates
1001-1500= 7 delegates
1501-2000= 8 delegates
2001-2500= 9 delegates
2501-3000= 10 delegates
One (1) additional delegate for each additional 1000 or major
fraction thereof.

Section 7. No person shall be eligible to serve as a delegate unless he is a member of a local union affiliated with this Central Body, a local union affiliated with Change to Win with Solidarity Charters, or unless he/she is a national or international representative
regularly servicing such an affiliated union. No person shall be eligible to serve as a delegate who holds a salaried position, or any other position of administrative or executive authority, in a union or any subordinate branch of a union that has been suspended or expelled from the AFL-CIO.

Section 16. Affiliated local unions shall pay a monthly Per Capita Tax of fifty cents ($0.50) on all dues-paying members of the local union, effective January 01, 2019. A Local Union desiring to affiliate shall pay (1) one month’s Per Capita tax at the time of
affiliation. Per capita tax for succeeding months shall be due on the first of each month thereafter. Per capita tax in each case shall be based on the number of dues-paying members for the preceding month. 
Section 17. Other affiliated organizations (as defined in ARTICLE III, Section 4) shall pay an annual fee of $25.00. Any such organization desiring to affiliate shall pay (1) one year’s fee at the time of affiliating.


Current AFL-CIO Affiliates & Constituency groups

Download the following forms to update Local Union Contact and the assigned Delegate Information and email to with the Title: AFFILIATION UPDATE.

Affiliate Information Update Form

Delegate Form

New Affiliation AFL-CIO & Constituency groups

Download the appropriate forms to begin the affiliation process & email it to with the Title: NEW AFFILIATION.

New Local Affiliate Form

Delegate Form

NEW Affiliation of NON AFL-CIO Affiliates (Teamsters, SEIU, Carpenters, Etc.)

Download the appropriate forms to begin the affiliation process & email it to with the Title: NEW AFFILIATION. 

Affiliate Application Form

Delegate Form