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Labor Council Committees

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Committee on Political Education (COPE) & Legislation Committee

Chair: Stevan Ruiz

This diverse committee is made up of affiliated local union delegates who meet, research, and screen candidates who are seeking endorsements from the AFL-CIO.  

This committee also researches local legislation, identifies political leaders who enact bad legislation and identifies allies.


Scholarship Committee

Chair: Dr. Bobbie Thompson-WilliamsThis committee works outreach to our local unions to find high school seniors ready to take the next step to college. Students then turn in documents to the Texas AFL-CIO for verification of credentials. This committee holds interviews with each student and selects students to award scholarships to. Every year TCCLC awards 3 scholarships that are funded through our yearly golf tournament, the Doctor's Guild awards 1 scholarship, and the Texas AFL-CIO awards 1-3 scholarships based on the membership size of the Central Labor Council.

Community Outreach Committee

Chair: Angi DeFelippo

This committee works side by side with local unions and community organizations to take direct action for change. 

Union Labels Committee

Chair: Maggie Kramer

Check the authenticity of union labels from print shops, on candidate prints, and any official documents.


Education & Training Committee

Chair: Open

This committee helps create Labor education training for membership and to educate local communities. They organize trainings on workers' rights and labor history.


Civil Rights Committee

Chair: Open

Work with local organizations and membership for civil rights and actions to ensure they are not infringed upon (Cesar Chavez, MLK, etc) Keep labor at the forefront for equality.


Standing Ethical Rights Committee

Chair: OpenEnsure we are acting within our standing Ethical Rights. That policies hold up to our ethical commitments.

Committee of Constituency Groups


Tevita 'Uhatafe

The Chair position also comes with an Executive Board position. This committee brings the Constituency groups together to work on action items.