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Student Scholarship Program

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2023 Scholarships 

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Texas Medical Institute | 3304 SE Loop 820, Ste B, Fort Worth, TX 76140

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Committee Chair: Dr. Bobbie Williams

Student Study Information:

"Work, Money, and Power: Unions in the 21st Century":

36 Reasons You Should Thank a Union:

Unions 101:

General Information

It is that wonderful time of year when we reach out to our local unions to let them know about all of the amazing scholarships for the members or children of members or children whose legal guardians are members of local unions affiliated with the TX AFL-CIO & TCCLC!! 

Applicants must be high school seniors who are planning to attend a university, college, or technical institute in the summer or fall term. Scholarships are one-time grants.

(3) - TX AFL-CIO $1500 Grant
(1) - TCCLC Kendall Hill Scholarship - $2500
(2) - TCCLC $1500 Grant
(1) - Doctor's Guild $1000 Grant

Please see the timeline & send the attached application to the Texas AFL-CIO Education Department at P.O. BOX 12727, Austin, TX, 78711. Application postmark deadline is Tuesday, January 31, 2023.



2022 Scholarship Winners

Logan Starks, UAW 218

Zane Box, Teamsters 767

Brandie Driver, UAW 218

Jessica Case, TWU

Amelia Kugler, TWU

2021 Scholarship Winners

Kendall Hill Scholarship
Nicole Giovannetti, TWU 513



TX State AFL-CIO Scholarships 
Brodie Driver, UAW 218



Ariel Waller, IAM 2082
Jayden Hamilton, UAW 218

Tarrant County CLC Scholarships
Anderson Gardner, TWU 513
William Bawcombe-Schast, AFM 72-147




Texas Medical Institute / Drs. Guild Local 4 Scholarship
Campbell Jackson, TWU 591



2020 Scholarship Winners Include: