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Texas Unions Endorse 2024 Primaries

Angi Defelippo
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In the Lone Star State, the winds of change are blowing through the political landscape as Texas unions gear up for the 2024 primaries. With a renewed focus on advocating for workers' rights, unions are mobilizing to support candidates who champion labor causes and prioritize the well-being of the state's workforce. This shift reflects a growing recognition among union members of the crucial role that elected officials play in shaping policies that directly impact their livelihoods.

Historically known for its conservative political landscape, Texas is experiencing a transformation as unions take center stage in shaping the narrative around labor issues. The 2024 primaries are set to become a pivotal moment, with unions leveraging their collective strength to endorse candidates committed to fostering a fair and equitable working environment.

As unions in Texas throw their weight behind candidates, key priorities are emerging. These include advocating for a higher minimum wage, improved workplace safety regulations, accessible healthcare, and the protection of collective bargaining rights. With a diverse membership that spans various industries, unions are striving to ensure that the candidates they support understand and address the unique challenges faced by workers across the state.

Central to the unions' endorsement criteria is a candidate's commitment to upholding and strengthening collective bargaining rights. Unions view collective bargaining as a fundamental tool for negotiating fair wages, better working conditions, and comprehensive benefits. Candidates who support legislation that protects and expands these rights are finding favor among union members who see collective bargaining as a means to level the playing field between employees and employers.

The fight for a living wage has gained significant traction in recent years, and Texas unions are at the forefront of this movement. With the cost of living on the rise, union members are throwing their support behind candidates who champion policies aimed at raising the minimum wage. The push for a higher minimum wage reflects the unions' commitment to improving the economic well-being of their members and addressing income inequality.

Ensuring safe and healthy working conditions is a top priority for unions, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unions are aligning with candidates who advocate for robust workplace safety regulations, fair compensation for essential workers, and policies that protect employees from unsafe working conditions. The recognition of the integral role that workers play in the broader economy is shaping the unions' endorsement decisions.

Access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare is a critical concern for Texas unions. With many workers facing challenges in securing affordable health insurance, unions are backing candidates who support healthcare policies that prioritize the needs of the workforce. This includes advocating for accessible healthcare options, addressing gaps in coverage, and working towards a more equitable healthcare system.

As the 2024 primaries approach, the spotlight is on Texas unions as they throw their support behind candidates who prioritize labor issues. The evolving political landscape in the state reflects a growing awareness among union members of the impact that elected officials can have on their working conditions and overall quality of life. The outcome of the primaries will not only shape the political future of Texas but also determine the trajectory of labor rights and workers' well-being in the state for years to come.


Texas AFL-CIO COPE Endorses Allred for U.S. Senate

Alongside Slate of Pro-Worker Candidates

  Setting the stage for organized labor’s 2024 political program, delegates to the Texas AFL-CIO COPE Convention endorsed U.S. Rep. Colin Allred for U.S. Senate alongside dozens of statewide, congressional and legislative candidates.

  Allred cleared a two-thirds requirement to garner the endorsement, which directs grass-roots political work by the state labor federation and central labor bodies across Texas.

  “The labor movement in Texas is seeing heights of popularity and new organizing not seen in more than a half-century,” Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy said. “This COPE Convention continued to elevate the voice of workers as candidates recognized the importance of working Texans in the politics of this state.”

  “The endorsement of Colin Allred for U.S. Senate follows the first and perhaps only debate among top candidates at our COPE Convention,” Levy said. “The delegates who represented union members across Texas were enthusiastic in putting their broad shoulders behind Colin Allred as he works to send Sen. Ted Cruz into the Cancun sunset.”

  “The Texas AFL-CIO believes our endorsed candidates will fight for working families,” Levy said. “We may not be able to write $6 million checks and we may not have our hands on the levers of state power, but we intend to fight for these candidates, worksite by worksite, union by union, and door by door.”

  The endorsement list is subject to additions by the Texas AFL-CIO COPE Board based on March 5 primary elections and further examination of candidates.



  U.S. Senate — Colin Allred

  Railroad Commissioner — Bill Burch

  Texas Supreme Court, Place 2 — Randy Sarosdy



  U.S. House, District 7 — U.S. Rep. Lizzie Fletcher

  U.S. House, District 8 — Laura Jones

  U.S. House, District 9 — U.S. Rep. Al Green

  U.S. House, District 10 — Keith McPhail

  U.S. House, District 14 — Rhonda Hart

  U.S. House, District 15  Michelle Vallejo

  U.S. House, District 16 — U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar

  U.S. House, District 18 — U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee

  U.S. House, District 21 — Dr. Kristin Hook

  U.S. House, District 22 — Marquette Greene-Scott

  U.S. House, District 23 — Santos Limon

  U.S. House, District 24 — Francine Ly

 U.S. House, District 26 — Ernest Lineberger III

  U.S. House, District 29 — U.S. Rep. Sylvia Garcia

  U.S. House, District 30 — U.S. Rep. Jasmine Crockett

  U.S. House, District 31 — Stuart Whitlow

  U.S. House, District 33 — U..S. Rep. Marc Veasey

  U.S. House, District 34 — U.S. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez

  U.S. House, District 35 — U.S. Rep. Greg Casar

  U.S. House, District 37 — U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett

  U.S. House, District 38 — Melissa McDonough


  Texas Legislature

  Texas Senate, District 6 — Sen. Carol Alvarado

  Texas Senate, District 7 — Nasir Malik

  Texas Senate, District 8 — Rachel Mello

  Texas Senate, District 12 — Stephanie Draper

  Texas Senate, District 14 — Sen. Sarah Eckhardt

  Texas Senate, District 16 — Sen. Nathan Johnson

  Texas Senate, District 17 — Kathy Cheng

  Texas Senate, District 23 — Sen. Royce West

  Texas Senate, District 27 — Sen. Morgan LaMantia

  Texas Senate, District 29 — Sen. César Blanco

  Texas House, District 12 — Dee Howard Mullins

  Texas House, District 14 — Fred Medina

  Texas House, District 17 — Desiree Venable

  Texas House, District 21 — Rep. Dade Phelan

  Texas House, District 22 — Rep. Christian “Manuel” Hayes

  Texas House, District 25 — Jai Daggett

  Texas House, District 26 — Daniel Lee

  Texas House, District 27 — Rep. Ron Reynolds

  Texas House, District 28 — Nelvin Adriatico

  Texas House, District 29 — Adrienne Bell

  Texas House, District 34 — Solomon Ortiz Jr.

  Texas House, District 37 — Ruben Cortez Jr. & Alex Dominguez (dual)

  Texas House, District 38 — Rep. Erin Elizabeth Gamez

  Texas House, District 39 — Rep. Armando “Mando” Martinez

  Texas House, District 45 — Rep. Erin Zwiener

  Texas House, District 46 — Rep. Sheryl Cole

  Texas House, District 47 — Rep. Vikki Goodwin

  Texas House, District 48 — Rep. Donna Howard

  Texas House, District 49 — Rep. Gina Hinojosa

  Texas House, District 50 — Rep. James Talarico

  Texas House, District 51 — Rep. Maria Luisa “Lulu” Flores

  Texas House, District 52  Angel Carroll

  Texas House, District 56 – Erin Shank

  Texas House, District 63 – Michelle Beckley

  Texas House, District 65 – Detrick DeBurr

  Texas House, District 70 Rep. Mihaela Plesa

  Texas House, District 74 – Rep. Eddie Morales

  Texas House, District 75 – Rep. Mary González

  Texas House, District 76 – Rep. Suleman Lalani

  Texas House, District 77 – Alexsandra Annello

  Texas House, District 78 – Rep. Joe Moody 

  Texas House, District 79 – Rep. Claudia Ordaz

  Texas House, District 90 – Rep. Ramon Romero Jr. 

  Texas House, District 92 – Rep. Salman Bhojani

  Texas House, District 93 – Perla Bojorquez

  Texas House, District 94 – Denise Wilkerson

  Texas House, District 95 – Rep. Nicole Collier 

  Texas House, District 96 Ebony Turner

  Texas House, District 97 – Dr. Carlos Walker

  Texas House, District 100 – Rep. Venton Jones

  Texas House, District 101 – Rep. Chris Turner 

  Texas House, District 102 – Rep. Ana-Maria Ramos 

  Texas House, District 103 – Rep. Rafael Anchía 

  Texas House, District 104 Rep. Jessica González 

  Texas House, District 105 – Rep. Terry Meza 

  Texas House, District 107 Linda Garcia

  Texas House, District 108 – Yasmin Simon

  Texas House, District 109 – Aicha Davis
  Texas House, District 110 – Rep. Toni Rose 

  Texas House, District 111 – Rep. Yvonne Davis 

  Texas House, District 112 – Averie Bishop

  Texas House, District 113 – Rep. Rhetta Andrews Bowers
  Texas House, District 114 – Rep. John Bryant

  Texas House, District 115 – Cassandra Hernandez

  Texas House, District 116 – Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer 

  Texas House, District 117 – Rep. Philip Cortez 

  Texas House, District 119 – Charles Fuentes

  Texas House, District 125 – Rep. Ray Lopez 

  Texas House, District 126 – Sarah Smith

  Texas House, District 128 – Charles “Chuck” Crews 

  Texas House, District 130 – Henry Arturo

  Texas House, District 131 – Rep. Alma Allen 

  Texas House, District 132 – Chase West

  Texas House, District 134 – Rep. Ann Johnson 

  Texas House, District 136 – Rep. John Bucy III

  Texas House, District 138 – Stephanie Morales

  Texas House, District 139 – Mo Jenkins

  Texas House, District 144 Rep. Mary Ann Perez

  Texas House, District 145 – Rep. Christina Morales

  Texas House, District 146 Lauren Ashley Simmons

  Texas House, District 147 – Rep. Jolanda Jones 

  Texas House, District 148 – Rep. Penny Morales Shaw

  Texas House, District 149 – Rep. Hubert Vo

  Texas House, District 150 – Marisela Jimenez

State Board of Education 

  SBOE, District 3 – Marisa B. Perez-Diaz

  SBOE, District 15 – Morgan Kirkpatrick

Local Tarrant County 

TC Commissioner Pct 1 - Roderick Miles

TC Commissioner Pct 3 - Laura Leeman

TC Constable District 7 - Sandra Lee