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UAW Member in Kentucky Loses Job, Gains Help From Union Plus

Union Plus
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In 2020, Union Plus was able to give more than $2 million in hardship help to union members, plus some end-of-year gifts for extraordinary union memberswho were nominated by their communities. One hardship grant recipient was Beau Bittner. Bittner, a member of the UAW, worked on the line at an automaker factory in Louisville, Kentucky, performing torque inspections and ensuring the quality of big-name trucks and SUVs. He comes from a long line of union members and is heavily involved in his UAW local union.

“While it could feel like back-breaking work, the thing that I loved about my job was the union: It’s like family,” said Bittner. “It made going to work a pleasure every day.” Bittner, who is the father of a young son, lost his job early last year. He faced an immediate loss in income and was forced to become nimble about saving and finding extra dollars anywhere he could. Then, he caught a break.

“I was in our union hall, and I saw a flyer with information on the job loss grant for Union Plus Credit cardholders,” Bittner recalled. “I started Iooking into it right away.” The Union Plus Job Loss Grant provides a $300 payment to eligible Union Plus Credit Cardholders who have been laid off or experienced an involuntary job loss.

Bittner used his job loss grant to pay immediate bills and keep his household going through this tough time. “When I experienced a job loss, knowing that Union Plus was there for me and my family was so helpful,” Bittner said. The Union Plus Credit Card program is available to dues-paying labor union members of participating unions and retired union members, as well as eligible family members.

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