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  • General Session Meeting Minutes 5.16.17
    Updated On: Jun 21, 2017

    TCCLC AFL-CIO    General Session Minutes      May 16, 2017    

    • Meeting called to order at 7 PM by President, Brian Golden
    • Pledge of Allegiance by all
    • Moment of silence for workers who have lost their lives on the job
    • Invocation by Maggie Kramer  
    • Officers Roll Call presented by Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Dr. Guild 4:

           Tim Smith, IAM & AW 776-A, Excused                              Maggie Kramer, IUPAT DC 88, Present

    Brian Golden, TWU 591, Present                                       Ron Smitherman, BT/IWLU 263, Present 

    Phyllis Goines, IBEW 220, Present                                    Marc House, UAW 218, Excused 

    Anna Ritchey, IAM & AW 776-B, Present                           John L. Pierce, IAM 776-C, Present 

    Tyler Turner, OPEIU 277, Excused                                     Chris Evans, IUEC 21, Present 

    Robert Anthony, LIUNA 154, Present                                  Laura Hansen, APFA, Present 

    Ed Thompson, APWU 98, Excused                                     Chip Serrano, UFCW Local 540, Excused

    Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Dr. Guild 4, Present                         Darrel Kizer, TWU 513, Excused

    Richard McCoy, NALC 226, Excused                                   Bay Edwards, UAW 129, Excused

    Mack Bennett, IUOE 178, Present                                        Linda Brown, CWA 6201, Present

    • Notice of Marc House being out for surgery was given.  Well wishes were expressed to be sent his way.

    Regular Meeting was suspended to introduce guest(s):

    Marvin Sutton, endorsed candidate in Arlington City Council race, was present.  He requested help and support for his runoff election.

    Regular Order of Business Resumed:

    • Minutes: Motion carried for a correction to April 2017 minutes to remove Eboard member Arnise Porter.  The motion was seconded to accept minutes as amended and then passed.
    • EBoard Report: Met prior to this meeting and will be discussed in the Presidential Report.
    • Credentials:    
    • Gary Hill, IBEW Local 220
    • Financial Report: Presented by Maggie Kramer.  Motion to accept, seconded and approved by all.
    • Nominations and Elections:  N/A
    • Communications and Bills: Filed and brought up under regular order of business.  They are available for review.  Received gift of appreciation for contribution to Guide Dogs Car Show.
    • Delegate Report:  Sandra B. of 2139 reported that employees were brought back at bid.  Brenda Brimer discussed polls at the last election. She stated that only one Democrat was working her local polls.  Brenda asked us to voice concerns to our local election boards.
    • Committees: The Scholarship Committee will be presenting at next months’ meeting.
    • Unfinished Business: None
    • New Business/Presidential Report: Brian Golden conducted this portion.  He discussed the upcoming Golf Tournament to be held 5-25-17.  He asked for more player/teams/sponsors.  Brian then stated that Chip Serrano donated Gatorade and that Maggie Kramer had coordinated the gift bags.  Brian Golden thanked Tim Smith of IAM 776-A for this months’ food provided at the meeting.  Chris Evans of IUEC 21 will be bring food for June and Mack Bennett of IUOE 178 will provide food for July’s meeting.  Brian then gave a report from the Core Cities Convening in Minnesota.  He next asked members to check out and “Like” TCCLC on Facebook, as well as the website and other social media.  There was a motion presented to send Dr. Bobbie Thompson on behalf of TCCLC to the TX AFL-CIO Convention to be held in Houston in June 2017.  This motion included covering incurred expenses and fees for the convention.  Motion was seconded and passed by all.  Brian then said that minutes from meetings will be posted on the website for members to review once the minutes have been approved by members.  Next, he spoke about 4,500 workers that die on the job every year.  We will have a moment of silence for these workers at every meeting (re: HJR83).  Brian Golden discussed ongoing Labor legislation and the National Right to Work Bill.  Next, a motion was carried to repay expenses for two tables at the Wild Women/Bad Hombres Luncheon that TCCLC attended the previous week.  The motion was seconded and passed by all.  Brian then stated that Rep. Chris Turner submitted a House Bill for Bonnie Smith.  There will be five AFL-CIO scholarships donated on behalf of the memory of Bonnie Smith.  A motion was then given to reimburse flower expenses for Bonnie Smith’s memorial service.  The motion was seconded and passed by all.  Next, candidate endorsement winners Ashley Paz and Ann Zadeh were mentioned.  Endorsee Marvin Sutton is currently in a runoff election and needs our help.  Brian Golden spoke about Community Benefit Agreements. He the stated that Teamsters Local 767 will be joining TCCLC.  Their Solidarity Pledge was signed and approved by National AFL-CIO President Trumka.  A motion was carried to cover up to eight hours pay per week for Brian Golden at TCCLC, except on the week of the CLC meeting, which is time covered by his Local. Brian finished by discussing the AFL-CIO push for a resolution to Buy American be considered in the future.
    • Good and Welfare: Chris Evans expressed the need for more volunteers at the Golf Tournament.  Jim Rivers then discussed SB4 and travel advisories that have been issued which advise against going to Texas.
    • Motion to adjourn, seconded by all.  Motion carried; meeting adjourned at 7:47 PM.

                            ~ Minutes submitted by Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Recording Secretary

    May 16, 2017 sign in:

    Ray Kramer, CWA 6201, present                               Jay King, IAM & AW 776-C, present

    Gary Livingston, UAW 218, present                           Mark Miller, IAM 776-A, present

    Mark Upton, UAW 218, present                                 Randy Deel, IAM 776-A, present

    Robert Milhollin, AFGE 1040, present                        Billy Smith, UAW 218, present

    Shirley Smith, UAW 218, present                               Brenda Brimer, OPEIU, present

    Danny Russell, IAM & AW 2135, present                   Chub McCrory, IAM/AW Dist. 776, present

    Gary Hill, IBEW 220, present                                      Christi Summers, IUOE 178, present

    Jim Rivers, CWA 6201, present                                  Charlie Galupi, IAM 776, present

    Beverly Thompson, NALC 226, present                      B.J. Thompson, NALC 226, present   

    Aaron Pino, AFM 72-147, present                               Danny Anderson, IAM 776-C, present

    Eloy Rodriguez, IAM 776-A, present                           Desmond Anderson, IAM 776-C, present

    Tom Carlin, TWU 513, present                                    Michael Partridge, IBEW 20, present

    Dr. Amy Mohr, Drs. Guild, present                              Sandra Boudloche, AFGE 2139, present

    Johnny Clark, UAW 218, present




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