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  • General Session Meeting Minutes 3.21.17
    Posted On: Apr 19, 2017

    TCCLC AFL-CIO    General Session Minutes      March 21, 2017    

    • Meeting called to order at 7 PM by President Brian Golden   
    • Pledge of Allegiance by all
    • Moment of silence for workers who have lost their lives on the job
    • Invocation by M. Kramer  

    • Officers Roll Call  presented by Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Dr. Guild 4

    Tim Smith, IAM & AW 776-A   present                       Maggie Kramer, IUPAT Dist. 88 present

    Robert Anthony, LIUNA 154  present                         Darryl Kizer, TWU 513  present 

    Marc House, UAW 218   present                                Chris Evans, IUEC 21 present 

    Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Dr. Guild 4 present                John L. Pierce, IAM & AW 776-C  present 

    Richard McCoy, NALC 226  absent                             Ray Kennedy, TWU 567  excused 

    Anna Ritchey, IAM & AW 776-B  present                  Tyler Turner, OPEIU 277  absent 

    Phyllis Goines, IBEW 220  present                             Ronnie Bentley, IUOE 178  absent 

    Ron Smitherman, Ft. Worth Bldg. Trades absent     Laura Hansen, APFA  absent 

    Arnise Porter, CWA 6201   absent                              Brian Golden, TWU 591   present

    Ed Thompson, APWU 98  absent                               Chip Serrano, UFCW 540  present 

    • Regular Meeting was suspended to introduce guests:

    Marvin Sutton, Air Traffic Control, Arlington City Council #3

    Tom O’Conner, OPEIU 227 OKC

    Regular Order of Business Resumed:

    • Minutes: Motioned and seconded, accepted as printed.
    • EBoard Report: Financial recommendation: pay necessary expenses to feed attendees of April 5, 2017 Strategic Planning Meeting. Financial recommendation: Reimburse Brian Golden for expenses incurred at AFL-CIO Summit last month.  These recommendations were accepted by all.

    • Communications and Bills: Filed and brought up under regular order of business.

    • Credentials:    William Fa, President of TWU 513, submitted his credentials.

    • Financial Report: Presented by Marc House.  Motion to accept, seconded and approved by all.

    • Nominations and Elections:  N/A

    • Delegate Report:  Chris Evans, IUEC secured a new contract.  Pauline Ramos, United Way, discussed CLC job retraining &/or job placement, youth programs, veteran skill training, Tarrant NAIC food drive.  Mike Hinojosa, CWA Local 602, spoke regarding Workforce Solutions. Club IAM 776 gave details of May 6, 2017 Bike & Car Show. Tim Smith, IAM7768, recommended Mark Miller, IAM Local Lodge President, also introduced Local VP & Treasurer. Scholarship committee, Dr. Bobbie Thompson, announced committee date of 4/1/16 and volunteers.

    • New & Unfinished Business:  Presented by previous President, Tim Smith, and current President, Brian Golden. Tim Smith requested sponsors and volunteers for Golf Tournament to be held 5/25/17 at Diamond Oaks Country Club. Tim Smith then discussed the change of employment of previous secretary, Laura Sparano.  Linda Brown motioned to pay six more months of health insurance and pension for Laura Sparano. This motion was passed by all.  John Pierce then motioned to pay Brian Golden and Marc House up to five days for transition with no secretary. Motion passed. Union & Co. added position to contract of “Administrative Assistant”. Eboard was polled on 3/6/17 regarding a motion to hire temporary office help to pay bills, run office, and keep accounts up to date until permanent choice is made. Polled “Yays”: Brian Golden, Marc House, Mack Bennett, John Pierce, Tim Smith & Texted “Yays”: Bobbie Thompson, Chris Evans, Phyllis Goines, Darrell Kizer, Tyler Turner, Laura Hansen, Ray Edwards.  John Pierce then motioned to accept EBoard recommendation for temporary office help.  Motion passed by all. Robert Anthony motioned the EBoard recommendation to reimburse Brian Golden for expenses incurred at AFL-CIO Summit.  Motion is passed by all.  Robert Anthony motioned to sponsor a team for Shoot for the Cure in the amount of $2,000.00.  This motion is passed by all. John Pierce motioned to pay Brian Golden five additional days at TCCLC for office transition (lost time pay from TWU); this motion is passed by all. There was then an introduction of Gary Peterson, TWU 591, which thanked him for letting Brian Golden volunteer at TCCLC.

    • President Report: Presented by Brian Golden.  He reviewed the Y’all Step Up Summit that he attended in January 2017.  Brian Golden recommended that we send delegates in the future.   Financial Motion, presented by Tom Carlin, to donate old printer if it isn’t sold.  This motion was seconded and passed by all.  Brian Golden then asked for volunteers for the golf tournament on 5/25/17. Next, he discussed the 4/5/17 Strategic Planning Meeting & AFL-CIO. Brian Golden presented a financial motion to buy refreshments for the Strategic Planning Meeting.  He next motioned for an independent audit of books transitioning from old President to new President.  This motion was seconded and passed by all.  Brian Golden requested that we hold off on endorsements of TX AFL-CIO. Next, he discussed how HB75 is pending, which requires parental consent for minors to join Unions.  He discussed the likelihood that it would pass.

    • Good and Welfare:  Jim Rivers discussed Good Union information.  Michael Partridge reviewed the Cope Convention Credentials. Mark York spoke about the National AFL-CIO lay off of employees.  Mark York also discussed a $1.4 million grant that was awarded at Dallas CLC. Tom Carlin thanked Tim Smith for his service.

    • Motion to adjourn by Tim Smith, seconded by all.  Motion carried; meeting adjourned 8:35 PM.

                            ~ Minutes submitted by Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Recording Secretary

    MARCH 2017 sign in:

    Mack Bennett, IUOE 178 present                               Ray Kramer, CWA 6201 present

    Linda Brown, CWA 6201 present                               Earnest Boone, AW 2135 present

    Mike Hinojosa, CWA 6171 present                             Chuck Taylor, OPEIU 277

    Billy Smith, WAW 218 present                                  John Gardner, TWU 513 present

    Pauline Ramos, IAM 776 present                               Aurora Lopez, IAM 776 present

    Mark Miller, IAM 776-A                                              Eloy Rodriguez, IAM 776-A

    Severin Sampson, IATSE 126 present                        Beverly Thompson, NALC 226 present

    B.J. Thompson, NALC 226 present                             Tom Carlin, TWU 513 present

    Tina Harris, NIWNA 154 present                                Shirley Smith, UAW 218 present

    Michael Partridge, IBEW LU20 present                     Jim Rivers, OWA 6201 present

    Mark York, Dallas AFL-CIO present                            Stewart Williams, AFM 72-147 present

    Dr. Mohr, DIS Guild present                                       Aaron Pino, AFM 72-147 present

    Gary Peterson, TWU 591 present                              Robert Milholler, AFGE 1040 present

    William Fa, TWU 513 present



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