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    Posted On: Nov 14, 2017

    TCCLC AFL-CIO    General Session Minutes      October 17, 2016    

    • Meeting called to order at 7 PM and conducted by President, Brian Golden.
    • Pledge of Allegiance by all
    • Invocation by Dr. Bobbie Thompson
    • Moment of silence for workers who have lost their lives on the job

    • Officers Roll Call presented by Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Dr. Guild 4:

    Tim Smith, IAM & AW 776-A, Present                                   Maggie Kramer, IUPAT DC 88, Present

    Darrel Kizer, TWU 513, Excused                                               Ron Smitherman, BT/IWLU 263, Excused

    Phyllis Goines, IBEW 220, Present                                          Marc House, UAW 218, Excused

    Chris Evans, IUEC 21, Present                                                     Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Dr. Guild 4, Present

    John L. Pierce, IAM 776-C, Present                                         Anna Ritchey, IAM & AW 776-B, Present                  

    Tyler Turner, OPEIU 277, Excused                                           Brian Golden, TWU 591, Present                                   

    Chip Serrano, UFCW Local 540, Excused                            Laura Hansen, APFA, Present

    Linda Brown, CWA 6201, Present                                           Bay Edwards, UAW 129, Absent

    Mack Bennett, IUOE 178, Excused                                          (Tim Smith, IAM & AW 776-A announced resignation)

    Motion and 2nd to suspend Regular Order of Business to accommodate guest speakers:  Chris Turner, Texas House of Representatives. Devan Allen, running for election. Steven Waters, Supreme Alliance, LLC.

    • Minutes:                Motion was issued to accept as printed and passed by all.

    • EBoard Report:     Dr. Bobbie Thompson stated that the Eboard was unable to have a meeting prior to this meeting, therefore there were no motions made.

    • Credentials:           Edna Wiley, CWA 6186 TSEU

    Stephen Mason, CWA 6186 TSEU

    Don Drain, IAM Retirees 776

    • All sworn in tonight

    • Financial Report: Presented by Tim Smith.  Motion to accept, seconded and approved by all.

    • Nominations and Elections:         N/A

    • Communications and Bills:           They are available for review. 

    • Delegate Report: Christ Summers gave two weeks’ notice last week, and will no longer be TCCLC admin. Bridget Blake has been working as a replacement during this time. Motion and 2nd to hire Bridget on 90-day probationary period. Passed by all.

    Tom Carlin discussed the death of Daly Willis and his wife’s passing today. Moment of silence for him & his wife.

    Pauline Ramos Discussed volunteer opportunities at United Way. Discussed Las Vegas Trail Project. Snowball express 10/28 6am-8pm, volunteers are needed.

    Tim Smith discussed CLC using non-union workers.

    • motion to have TCCLC send letter to CLC discussing our position - 2nd, passed by all.

    • President’s Report:  (read by Brian Golden)

    Eboard resignations: Robert Anthony – letter read. Tim Smith – letter read. Prior resignations – Ed Thompson & Robert McCoy. There are now 4 Eboard positions available – will accept nominations:

    • Tina Harris, ULINA 154 Nominated
    • BJ Thompson, NALC Nominated
    • Aurora Lopez, IAM 776-A Nominated
    • Joshua Hatton, TSEU & CWA 6186

    Motion & 2nd to elect all candidates by acceleration. Passed by all.

    BJ Thompson, Aurora Lopez, & Joshua Hatton sworn in as officers. Notified that Ebaord meets at 6pm

    Thank you, UAW 218 – Mark Upton for dinner tonight. Next month, TWU 513 Darryl Kizer.

    TX AFL-CIO has new leadership. 12/2 –

    President: Richard Levy

    Secretary-Tresurer: Montserrat Garibay.

    Motion & 2nd to send president to John Patrick’s retirement party at hotel.

    NO motion for donation for a table at Dem Party Wild Women’s luncheon. Discussion from Tom Carlin: brought to our attention that D. Peoples & Dem party not helping TCCLC.

    Constitutional amendments & sample ballots available for review on TCCLC website, and asked us to remind members to vote. Voting Dates:

    • Early Voting: 10/23 ends 11/3
    • Normal Voting: 11/7

    State Board of Education discussed how Texas influences US textbooks

    President wrote a letter to school board of Fort Worth ISD to request they keep cafeteria workers as local jobs in Tarrant County. Next Tuesday, 10/24, is the school board meeting and asked if someone from TCCLC would like to speak at the meeting.

    • Committees: Scholarship Committee – Dr. Bobbie Thompson notified scholarship applications are available on Texas State AFL-CIO website or you can get it from local TCCLC. Applications due by 1/31/2018.

    • Unfinished Business: None

    • New Business: None

    • Good and Welfare: Motion & 2nd to move November meeting to 11/14 & suspend December meeting. Resume normal business in January 2018. Passed by all.

    Motion for Brian to return Grant money to National AFL-CIO because we cannot afford to hire a full time political director. Motion & 2nd to send money back to National AFL-CIO – passed by all.

    • Motion to adjourn, seconded by all.  Motion carried; meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

                            ~ Minutes submitted by Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Recording Secretary

    October 17, 2017 sign in:

    Bryce Unck, IAM 776-A                                                                           Mark Miller, IAM 776-A

    BJ Thompson, NALC                                                                                  Mark Upton, Local 218

    Kevin Riley, Local 218                                                                             James Bradshaw, Local 218

    Pauline Ramos, IAM 776-A                                                                   Evan Burris, UFW 1000

    Victor Bowling, UFCW 1000                                                               Debra Walker, 776-A Retirees

    Gary Hill, Local 220                                                                                  Beverly Thompson, NALC 226

    Joshua Hatton, TSEU & CWA 6186                                                  Tom Carlin, TWU 513

    Mike Hinojosa, CWA 6171                                                                    John Gardner, TWU 513

    Doyle Langston, NALC 226                                                                   Aurora Lopez, IAM 776-A

    Don Drain, IAM 776 Retiree’s                                                             Severin Sampson, IATSE 126

    Aaron Pino, AFM 72-147                                                                       Dr. Amy Mohr, Dr.’s Guild

    Otis Joines, UAW 218                                                                              Danny Russell, IAM 2135

    Jim Rivers, CWA 6201                                                                             Billy Smith, UAW 218

    Shirley Smith, UAW 218                                                                                          Nina Hawkins, UAW 218

    Johnny Clark, UAW 218                                                                         Robert Milhollin, AFGE 1040

    Edna Wiley, TSEU 6186                                                                           Bridget Blake, TCCLC



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