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  • General Session Meeting Minutes 9.19.17
    Posted On: Oct 18, 2017

    TCCLC AFL-CIO    General Session Minutes      September 19, 2017    

    • Meeting called to order at 7 PM and conducted by President, Brian Golden.
    • Pledge of Allegiance by all
    • Moment of silence for workers who have lost their lives on the job
    • Invocation by Maggie Kramer

    • Officers Roll Call presented by Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Dr. Guild 4:

    Tim Smith, IAM & AW 776-A, Absent                                    Maggie Kramer, IUPAT DC 88, Present

    Brian Golden, TWU 591, Present                                             Ron Smitherman, BT/IWLU 263, Present

    Phyllis Goines, IBEW 220,      Present                                     Marc House, UAW 218, Present

    Anna Ritchey, IAM & AW 776-B, Present                            John L. Pierce, IAM 776-C, Absent

    Tyler Turner, OPEIU 277, Present                                            Chris Evans, IUEC 21, Present

    Robert Anthony, LIUNA 154, Present                                   Laura Hansen, APFA, Present

    Ed Thompson, APWU 98, Absent                                             Chip Serrano, UFCW Local 540, Present

    Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Dr. Guild 4, Present                      Darrel Kizer, TWU 513, Present

    Bay Edwards, UAW 129, Absent                                               Mack Bennett, IUOE 178, Present               

    Linda Brown, CWA 6201, Present                                           (Tina Harris, LIUNA 154 for Robert Anthony, Present)

    • Motion to Suspend Regular Order of Business for Guests:
    • Bryce Unck & Jim White - American Retirement Solutions

    Spoke about retirement / savings options.  Mark York gave compliments on their help for Dallas members.

    • Andrew Morris, TX House Dist. 64 Candidate

    Discussed platform for better public education.  Wants to help in Austin with Labor priorities.  Facebook & Twitter: @morrisfortexas.com

    • Elaine Adkinson – Project Phoenix

    Provides second chances for felons to find work.  They are also working with “redemption bridge” to help military Veterans get construction jobs.

    • TD Smyers, CEO & President – United Way of Tarrant County

    Brian Golden gave introduction and history of United Way & TCCLC.  TD spoke about how United Way of Tarrant County is 100% Gift/Donations.  He asked for continued & renewed support of United Way.

    • Resume Regular Order of Business:
    • Minutes:                Motion was issued to accept as printed and passed by all.

    • EBoard Report:     Dr. Bobbie Thompson stated that the Eboard met prior to this meeting and accepted recommendations.  She also notified the membership of their motions to purchase TCCLC Note Cards, as well as a motion to donate to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.  Another motion was issued to hold the TCCLC golf tournament at Diamond Oaks Country Club for the next 3 years.  These motions were then given by the general body which were seconded and passed by all.

    • Credentials:           None

    • Financial Report: Presented by Marc House.  Motion to accept, seconded and approved by all.

    • Nominations and Elections:         N/A

    • Communications and Bills:           They are available for review. 

    • Delegate Report:
    • Chip Serrano (UFCW 540) introduced organizers Andrew Cortez and Gonzalo Reyes.
    • Mark Upton (UAW 218) thanked TCCLC, Ironworks 263, TX AFL-CIO, Dr. George Green, Congressman Mark Veasey, and all who donated and volunteered at the Labor Day Picnic.
    • Pauline Ramos (United Way of Tarrant County Labor Liaison / IAM 776) discussed the strategic plan to help reduce the number of payday/title loan companies in Fort Worth. She then spoke about SD10 and removing Konni Burton from office.  Pauline thanked the Drs. Guild 4 for their school supplies donation, as well as IAM & others.  The school supplies were donated to Safe Haven in Fort Worth.  She discussed the United Way membership drive for Local unions.  Pauline asked for volunteers at upcoming events which are posted on the United Way of Tarrant County & TCCLC websites.  Port Arthur has begun receiving residents back after Hurricane Harvey and she closed with discussion of how labor liaisons are helping in Houston.

    • Committees: None

    • Unfinished Business: None

    • President’s Report – Given by Brian Golden:
    • Thanked IAM 776 for Mark Miller cooking the BBQ dinner tonight. 
    • Discussed duties of Union representatives / stewards and the need for rebranding and updating the image of Unions.
    • The National AFL-CIO convention is to be held in St. Louis, MO starting 10/25/2017.
    • Hurricane Harvey clean up opportunities in Hood County: 9/20/17, 9/23/17, 9/30/17.
    • Reviewed the Dallas AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast; Mark York is present at tonight’s meeting.
    • UAW 218/TCCLC Labor Day Picnic – raised money for TCCLC GOTV efforts and Hurricane Harvey relief.  Thank you to UAW 218 for hosting the event.
    • TCCLC donated food/supplies to a shelter in Fort Worth housing Hurricane Harvey evacuees.
    • United Way of Tarrant County is currently helping 18 families that intend to stay in Tarrant County after Hurricane Harvey.
    • Next Month: TCCLC will be taking nominations for 3 Eboard vacancies (3rd VP, Trustee #2, Member at Large #4).
    • Please ask your Local Treasurers to keep TCCLC monthly dues current.
    • TCCLC is selling raffle tickets for the TX AFL-CIO golf tournament, tentative date 11/1/2017.  Tickets are available through Christi.
    • We need volunteers for the COPE Committee.  There was a discussion about revamping/reviewing the candidate questionnaire.
    • “In the News”:
    • Why do Presidential elections matter?  - The President picks the Supreme Court Justices.
    • In Texas, 48% of 18-24 year olds registered to vote in 2016, whereas 73% of 45-64 year olds registered to vote in 2016.  This means older voters are making decisions for younger voters.  High School Principals need to register voters, and the Superintendents need to put pressure on the Principals to do so.
    • In Tarrant County last week, Speaker Joe Straus took heat from Conservatives because of his opposition to the “Bathroom Bill”.
    • The City of Fort Worth should join the lawsuit to push back against the bill on “Sanctuary Cities”.  Please ask your City Council representative to reconsider this position.

    • New Business: None

    • Good and Welfare: Chris Evans spoke about three Elevator Union members that died on the job in US & Canada in the past four weeks.  Most accidents are happening when workers are taking calls after hours.

    • Motion to adjourn, seconded by all.  Motion carried; meeting adjourned at 7:53 PM.

                            ~ Minutes submitted by Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Recording Secretary

    September 19, 2017 sign in:

    Ray Kramer, CWA 6201, present                                Mark Miller, IAM 776-A, present

    Bryce Unck, OPEIU 105, present                                Jim White, OPEIU 105, present                     

    Christi Summers, IUOE 178, present                         Aurora Lopez, IAM 776-A, present    

    Elaine Adkinson, Dallas AFL-CIO, present                  Jason Tomlinson, Dallas AFL-CIO, present

    Mark York, Dallas AFL-CIO, present                           Chuck Tyler, OPEIU 277, present

    BR Day, IAM 776 Retired, present                             Don Drain, IAM 776 retired, present

    Pauline Ramos, IAM 776/UW, present                      Randy Deel, IAM 776-A, present

    Earnest Boone, IAM 776-B, present                           Gary Hill, IBEW 220, present 

    Debra Walker, IAM 776 retired, present                    Doyle Langston, NALC 226, present

    Jay King, IAM 776-C, present                                      Charlie Galupi, IAM 776, present

    Joshua Hatton, CWA 6201 TSEU, present                  Mark Upton, UAW 218, present

    BJ Thompson, NALC 226, present                              Beverly Thompson, NALC 226, present

    Steve Manson, TSEU, present                                                Aaron Pino, AFM 72-147, present

    Shannon Bennett, OPEIU 277, present                      Danny Russell, IAM 2135, present

    Christa Davis, OPEIU 277, present                             Gonzalo Reyes, UFCW 540, present

    Andrew Cortes, UFCW 540, present




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