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  • General Session Meeting Minutes 8.15.17
    Posted On: Sep 20, 2017

    TCCLC AFL-CIO    General Session Minutes      August 15, 2017    

    • Meeting called to order at 7 PM and conducted by First Vice President, Maggie Kramer.
    • Pledge of Allegiance by all
    • Invocation by Dr. Bobbie Thompson
    • Moment of silence for workers who have lost their lives on the job
    • Officers Roll Call presented by Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Dr. Guild 4:

          Tim Smith, IAM & AW 776-A, Excused                                Maggie Kramer, IUPAT DC 88, Present

    Brian Golden, TWU 591, Excused                                      Ron Smitherman, BT/IWLU 263, Excused

    Phyllis Goines, IBEW 220,      Present                                Marc House, UAW 218, Present

    Anna Ritchey, IAM & AW 776-B, Present                            John L. Pierce, IAM 776-C, Present

    Tyler Turner, OPEIU 277, Absent                                        Chris Evans, IUEC 21, Present

    Robert Anthony, LIUNA 154, Excused                                 Laura Hansen, APFA, Present

    Ed Thompson, APWU 98, Absent                                       Chip Serrano, UFCW Local 540, Present

    Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Dr. Guild 4, Present                        Darrel Kizer, TWU 513, Excused

    Bay Edwards, UAW 129, Absent                                         Mack Bennett, IUOE 178, Excused              

    Linda Brown, CWA 6201, Present                                       (Tina Harris, LIUNA 154 for Robert Anthony, Present)

    • Minutes:                Motion was issued to accept as printed and passed by all.
    • EBoard Report:     Dr. Bobbie Thompson stated that the Eboard met prior to this meeting and accepted recommendations.  She also notified the membership of open seats at the Dallas AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic’s TCCLC sponsored table.
    • Credentials:           None
    • Financial Report: Presented by Marc House.  Motion to accept, seconded and approved by all.
    • Nominations and Elections:         N/A
    • Communications and Bills:           They are available for review. 
    • Delegate Report: Joshua Hatton discussed National AFL-CIO President Trumka’s role on President Trump’s council. *TCCLC membership body noted that Trumka resigned from the council.

    Mark Upton discussed the upcoming UAW 218 / TCCLC Labor Day Picnic and thanked TCCLC       for their donation.  Volunteers are still needed and Congressman Veasey is expected to be present.

    Dr. Bobbie Thompson spoke about the Workers Comp Educational Conference by TDI to be held in October.  The cost is $350 and will have good information for your benefits coordinator.  She will email the information to Christi Summers to email out to TCCLC members.  Next, Dr. Bobbie mentioned that Texas Medical Institute is now doing Family Practice at their Forest Hill location.

    • President’s Report:  (from Agenda by Brian Golden, read by Maggie Kramer)

    Thank you for TWU picket assistance at DFW American Airlines on 7/26/17.

    *John Pierce discussed Hollingsworth Logistics and possible need for help with IAM in their negotiations with Hollingsworth.

    Next, Maggie Kramer went on to speak about the TX Legislative 30-day special session that ends tomorrow (8/16/17) in Austin.  TCCLC will need to focus on SD10 in the upcoming election and will be asking for volunteers.

    Thank you to Drs. Guild 4 for Saltgrass refreshments provided at this meeting.  IAM will be providing food for the September meeting, TWU 513 will bring refreshments in October, and UAW 218 will be providing at November’s meeting.

    TCCLC plaque for Richard McCoy was read and shown to the body.

    Next, a letter from National AFL-CIO President Trumka was read, stating that TCCLC had received a Solidarity Grant.

    TCCLC will have a table at the UAW 218 / TCCLC Labor Day Picnic.  Thanks was given to TX AFL-CIO for their donation to the picnic. *Christi Summers asked for members to RSVP on the TCCLC website.

    Members went to a “NO SB4” protest in Downtown Fort Worth.  There will be a vote tonight (8/15/17) at the Fort Worth City Council Meeting.

    Thank you for the United Way “Stuff the Bus” school supplies donations.  A special thank you went out to Drs. Guild 4 & IAM 776 for their extra contributions.

    Christi Summers needs help with clearing up and disposing of old TCCLC computers.  Please see her after the meeting.

    Congratulations to the new Officers and staff at the Texas Building & Construction Trades.

    TCCLC will have an audit of the books performed.

    There are pending changes at TX AFL-CIO.  There will be more information to follow.

    • Committees: None
    • Unfinished Business: None
    • New Business: None
    • Good and Welfare: Prayers for TX AFL-CIO President John Patrick’s health and recovery.
    • Motion to adjourn, seconded by all.  Motion carried; meeting adjourned at 7:39 PM.

                            ~ Minutes submitted by Dr. Bobbie Thompson, Recording Secretary

    August 15, 2017 sign in:

    Ray Kramer, CWA 6201, present                              Don Drain, IAM 776 retired, present

    Christi Summers, IUOE 178, present                        Mark Upton, UAW 218, present

    Dr. Amy Mohr, Drs. Guild 4, present                          Debra Walker, IAM 776 retired, present

    Mike Hinojosa, CWA 6171, present                           Randy Deel, IAM 776-A, present

    Gary Hill, IBEW 220, present                                     Danny Russell, IAM 2135, present

    Jim Rivers, CWA 6201, present                                 Joshua Hatton, CWA 6201 TSEU, present

    BJ Thompson, NALC 226, present                            Beverly Thompson, NALC 226, present         

    Otis A. Joines, UAW 218, present                              Aaron Pino, AFM 72-147, present

    Stewart Williams, AFM 72-147, present                     Sandra Boudloche, AFGE 2139, present

    Doyle Langston, NALC 226, present                          Victor Bowling, UFCW 1000, present

    William Harris, APWU 98, present                              Andrew Cortes, UFCW 540, present

    Phillip Godino, UFCW 540, present                            Gonzalo Reyes, UFCW 540, present



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