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  • 2017 TX AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention Report
    Posted On: Jun 28, 2017

    Sisters Brothers and all,

    I wanted to give you a brief update and comment on the recent TX AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention held June 22 -25, 2017.

    Firstly, I would like to thank all the reps, delegates and members that took the trip down to Houston to represent your Locals and our TCCLC in TX-AFLCIO District 8. Your time, efforts and continued fight to leave Texas a better place for workers are truly appreciated. 

    Secondly, I want to mention something in the news related to the work we did in Houston. The Supreme Court has recently upheld the Trump administration Executive Order of a ‘Travel Ban’ to 7 predominantly Muslim countries. This is disheartening.  I mention this to say I’m proud of one particular item of work that the Convention body corrected by the democratic process of our votes and voice.

    The delegation voted to update the Texas AFL-CIO Constitution on Article VIII, Section 69 to read: “There shall be no discrimination by Texas AFL-CIO because of race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.” The body was to hold a vote to update the language to include the ban on discrimination to include sexual orientation or gender identity. The delegation then moved and voted to amend the update to add to the effect: no discrimination because of religion or non-religion, belief or non-belief’. The delegation also voted to correct the language to include a ban on age discrimination.

    I was proud for those motions. I am proud that the delegation voted to amend our constitution toward more diversity and inclusion. Banning discrimination because a members' religion or lack of religion or age is in line with our United States constitution and the 1st Amendment.  

    The Trump ‘Travel Ban’ and the current climate of anti-immigrant, racist, xenophobia, blaming the ‘other’ ideologues and all those that follow that path are on the wrong side of history. There are no statues of George Wallace standing in front of the door at the University of Alabama. There are no honors to those that built the Japanese internment camps in 1942. Misogyny lost to the suffragettes. Jim Crow is reviled not revered. History will not favor this current administration and its policies. Trump and his fans will find themselves on the wrong side of history too. Martin Luther King said the moral arch of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice. We have to continue fighting, pushing that arch towards justice and resisting evil every step of the way.

    I’m proud to be part of an organization that is as diverse and inclusive as the TX AFL-CIO. Our vote to include no discrimination because of a member’s ‘religion or their lack of a religious belief’ is on the right side of history and will stand the test of time.  Viva la resistance!

    Thank you to all for all you do for labor and all you do to leave Texas a better place for all.

    In Unity,

    Brian Golden

    President, Tarrant County Central Labor Council


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