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  • Updated On: Feb 26, 2017

    The ULLCO Sentinel

    Weekly Legislative Update from the United Labor Legislative Committee

    Feb. 24, 2017-- #1

    Welcome. This is a quick-read newsletter on action involving the 85 th Texas

    Legislature. The first edition includes a list of all bills on which ULLCO has taken a

    position so far.

    Today is the 46 th day of a 140-day session.

    ? The House and Senate return at 2 p.m. Monday, Feb. 27. ULLCO next meets 1

    p.m Monday.

    ? Unless rules change, SB 13, the Paycheck Deception bill, cannot be debated on

    the Senate floor until after Friday, March 10. The House version, HB 510, has

    been referred to the House State Affairs Committee.

    ? SB 4, the so-called “sanctuary cities” bill, has passed the Senate and awaits

    referral to a House committee. Gov. Greg Abbott made this item an “emergency.”

    ? The House will consider a legislative package related to Child Protective

    Services on Wednesday, March 1. Unfortunately, privatization has momentum in

    some key legislative quarters. An “emergency” subject.

    ? The Senate Calendar now includes proposals for Texas to sign on to an Article V

    Convention to rewrite portions of the U.S. Constitution. Another Abbott

    “emergency” item.

    ? On Wednesday, about 85 outstanding AFSCME Correctional Officers held a

    planning session at the Texas AFL-CIO, then met with their representatives at

    the Capitol to discuss prison working conditions and their opposition to SB 13.

    ? Building Trades and Steelworkers will co-sponsor a “Cajun Crawfish &amp; Shrimp

    Boil” with Gumbo, 4-7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28, Texas AFL-CIO Becky Moeller


    ? Steelworkers will lobby for a “Buy American” bill, HB 770, starting 8:30 a.m.

    Monday, Texas AFL-CIO Becky Moeller Auditorium.

    ULLCO Positions on Bills to Date:

    SUPPORT HB 50 by White (identical bill: HB 351 by Canales), letting indigent

    defendants avoid jail by performing community service.

    SUPPORT HB 54 by Martinez, hiking professional employee salaries in public schools.

    SUPPORT HB 91 by White, “fair shot” for occupational license applicants with criminal


    SUPPORT HB 228 by Senfronia Thompson, Equal Pay bill for women.

    SUPPORT HB 252 by Hernandez, requiring advance notice of work schedules.

    SUPPORT HB 285 by Alonzo (HB 475 by Reynolds is identical), state minimum wage

    hike to $15 an hour.

    SUPPORT HB 317 by Canales, bars use of consumer credit reports in hiring unless

    position is substantially related to one’s credit record.

    SUPPORT HB 326 by Canales, requiring employers to let tipped employees keep their


    SUPPORT HB 334 by Collier, re: consumer credit reports, similar but not identical to

    HB 326.

    SUPPORT HB 373 by Romero, making penalties for wage theft more likely.

    SUPPORT HB 548 by Deshotel, a “ban the box” bill.

    OPPOSE HB 552 by White, limiting regulation of occupations.

    OPPOSE HB 577 by Workman, outlawing local “ban the box” ordinances that give

    convicts who have paid their debt to society a fairer shot at hiring.

    OPPOSE HB 648 by Parker (companion is SB 452 by Hancock), banning taxpayer-

    funded Project Labor Agreements. No such PLA has ever occurred, but they work in the

    private sector.

    SUPPORT HB 741 by Bernal, setting standards for credit that require lenders to

    establish consumer can reasonably repay the loan.

    SUPPORT HB 840 by Ortega (companion is SB 427 by Rodriguez; HB 954 by Justin

    Rodriguez is identical), re-establishing local authority to raise minimum wage.

    SUPPORT HB 863 by Hernandez, re: safety training for construction employees under

    government contracts.

    SUPPORT HB 916 by Thierry (companion is SB 792 by Miles), requiring financial

    institutions to report financial abuse of elderly.

    SUPPORT HB 937 by Senfronia Thompson, minimum wage hike to $10.10 an hour, in


    SUPPORT HB 992 by Walle, minimum wage hike to $15 an hour, plus other features.

    OPPOSE HB 1055 by Burkett, which would place blanket limits on licensing fees

    charged by state agencies.

    SUPPORT HB 1134 by Craddick, a pro-consumer bill on credit services organizations.

    OPPOSE SB 4 by Perry (identical House bills: HB 611 by Leach, HB 754 by Fallon,

    HB 889 by Geren and HB 1308 by Holland), the so-called “sanctuary cities” bill.

    OPPOSE SB 6 by Kolkhorst, the so-called “bathroom bill.”

    OPPOSE SB 13 by Huffman (companion is HB 510 by Sarah Davis), the Paycheck

    Deception bill that outlaws voluntary payroll dues deduction for public employees.

    OPPOSE SJR 2 (companion is HJR 39 by Miller) and SB 21 by Birdwell (companion is

    HB 506 by Phil King), calling for national convention to rewrite U.S. Constitution.

    OPPOSE SB 75 by Nelson (companion is HB 1987 by Parker), requiring parental

    consent for a minor to join a union in Texas.

    SUPPORT SB 223 by Menéndez, Equal Pay for women.

    SUPPORT SB 229 by Menéndez (companion is HB 924 by Turner), minimum wage

    hike to $10.10 an hour.

    SUPPORT SB 462 by Garcia (companion is HB 202 by Gonzalez), wage theft


    SUPPORT SB 476 by Rodriguez, wage theft.

    SUPPORT SB 961 by Garcia (companion is HB 1284 by Senfronia Thompson),

    journeyman linemen regulation.

    SUPPORT HJR 57 by Walle, minimum wage hike to $15 an hour.

    SUPPORT SJR 22 by Menéndez (companion is HJR 56 by Turner), minimum wage

    hike to $10.10 an hour.



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